Kurbads celebrates its 19th anniversary with salsa party


 On a calm September evening car transporting and logistics company “Kurbads” celebrated its 19th anniversary. Shortened weekday for employees was continued with comfortable and enjoyable conversations and tasty meals and drinks.

The main event of the evening was dance show performed by famous Latvian dancing stars Ieva Kemlere and Rolands Šteinbergs, who also taught some basic moves of salsa. Hot tempered Latin American rhythms allowed everyone to enjoy themselves with big smiles on their faces.

Andis Pikāns and Anatolijs Vasiļjevs are the only two employees that are still with the company  from its founding in 1995. Head of logistics division Kristīne Rīmene is next in line with the longest work experience with “Kurbads”. She has studied journalism together with many famous persons of Latvian society. “I am frequently asked how am i able to work so long in one company?  Well, the answer ir simple – you have to work from your heart but with mind. It is also the philosophy of whole company. Our leader Andis has set very high level of professionalism, which helps our company grow. I remember that in “Kurbads” early days “Volvo Trucks Latvia” asked if we want to buy a new car carrier truck. It was our dream back then and it seemed impossible. But “Kurbads” was first company of logistics in Baltics that bought completely new car carrier with “Kassbohrer”equipment.”

Kristīne also emphasizes unity of “Kurbads” employee team: “We often have team-building activities and also annual boat trip. It allows us to become friends and it creates pleasant work atmosphere.”What does head of logistics division likes most in her job? “Everyday is different, there is no routine. You have to improve your knowledge all the time and acquire new skills. When i was studying nobody knew about such thing as logistics. Everything has changed a lot since those days. There were big problems until 2004, when it was trouble just to go to Estonia for example because of custom formalities. It was a bit scary in the early days with no cell phones and internet – when driver leaves headquarters, communication stops instantly. As technology advances there is no time to relax” Kristīne shares her experience and memories.

“Kurbads” is leading car transporting and logistics company in Baltics and does not plan to stop conquering new heights.