Kurbads gains experience from Volvo specialists


During the test ride for the new, recently acquired car carrier vehicle transporting company “Kurbads” united its forces with official truck distributor’s “Volvo Trucks Latvia” instructor Boriss Baibara.

Kurbads drivers quality manager Pēteris Ozoliņš together with Boriss Baibara from Volvo went to a 700 km long trip Riga – Tallinn – Riga with a fully loaded car carrier. The trip had two purposes – to test the real life fuel consumption and compare it to the data showed by the computer and to practice theoretical knowledge about driving economically. 

Pēteris Ozoliņš about the meaningful trip: “Very useful voyage that allowed us to test the latest Volvo technologies and Boriss’ advices and tips in combat conditions. We acquired valuable experience, which we will share in our “Kurbads” drivers lessons. And this is how we will get reduced fuel consumption in our vehicle carriers, also we will be able to use better the benefits provided by Volvo trucks.”

Boriss Baibara was able to demonstrate in real life traffic different nuances how to reduce fuel consumption, brake and tire wear. Some of the topics included:

  • How to economically accelerate as fast as possible and quickly reach the outright gear;
  • Effective use of the cruise control;
  • More effective usaea of the engine brake;
  • How to evaluate situation before traffic lights with truck rolling as long as possible;
  • Precise usage of the “I-Roll” in the city and countryside.

At the end of the trip very encouraging fuel consumptions data was acquired, that shows that correct usage of Volvo gives very good results.

Boriss Baibara is “Volvo Trucks Latvia” drivers instructor, who has previously worked as a driver and is counted as one of the best professionals around. He has earned prizes and awards in different international truck drivers competitions.

Acquired knowledge will be spread further to “Kurbads” drivers, including those who will participate in “The Drivers fuel challenge” competition organized by “Volvo Trucks Latvia”.