Kurbads is ready to transport new Passat


Vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads” is ready to start transporting the most selling car in the world – the “Volkswagen Passat” latest generation. Car manufacturer's brand new model can already be ordered.

Worldwide presentation of “Volkswagen Passat” will take place in “Paris Motor Show 2014” from 4th to 19th October.

Well known Latvian automobile expert and TV show host Normunds Avotiņš about new Passat series: “What is so special about Passat? First of all, it is the new Passat, because every time, when Volkswagen mid-size class model has a new generation, the whole segment trembles. And exactly this will happen now.”

Passat eighth generation is offered in sedan and variant versions. New Passat B8 has a lot more dynamic proportions thanks to its progressive design. It also has multiple innovations.

Automobile's equipment is supplemented with such latest technologies as active information display and special entertainment system with tablet PCs for passengers in back seat, braking system in city traffic and function that shows you nearby pedestrians. There are also three completely new systems unseen before – collision avoidance system, trailer stability program, that helps to maneuver car equipped with trailer, and traffic jam assist system.

Models with diesel and petrol engines are offered. Power output range varies from 120 HP to 280 HP. CO2 emission and fuel consumption of those engines is reduced by 20%, because all versions are equipped with Start-Stop and regenerative braking systems. For the first time Passat is offered in plug in hybrid version – in electric regime car will be able to make 50 kilometers.

 Company “Kurbads” has a long and successful cooperation with official car importer in Baltic states “Moller Baltic Import”, that allows mutual clients to enjoy great service.