„Kurbads” share experience with shadows.


Shadow day is a special day once a year in Latvia, when pupils from elementary and high schools follow profession, that they would like to work in the near future. Company „Kurbads” gladly participates in this event.

Three different pupils from various schools came, to shadow „Kurbads” employees.

To get more information about logistics was the main reason, why Viktorija and Eva, 12th grade pupils, came to „Kurbads”. Girls were introduced to secrets and details of logistics field by „Kurbads” Baltic department logistics specialist Toms Hartmanis, who admitted that shadows were very interested. „Maybe too much information for such a short period of time, but it did not influence girls’ determination.”

Viktorija, who wants to work in logistics and in summer time visits biggest field enterprises to know them more, is strict about Shadow day: „I understood that logistics is not just eight hour working day – even at home you have to be ready to solve problems. I got to know a lot of new things, it was very interesting and useful.”

„I have always been keen to logistics. I wanted to know more about it to dispell my doubts,” says Eva, who is not sure about studying in the future: „I am still thinking. My parents said that i will have to go to TV shows, if i don’t decide soon.”

Rūta, pupil of 11th grade in Ērgļu Elementary school, says „Shadow days have to be organized more often, because they widen the horizin and crashes stereotypes.” Editor of school newspaper wanted to know more about accounting. What surprised Rūta? „I didn’t know that accountants have to work so hard. Also the programms used by them seemed very complicated at the beginning. I have never thought that companies need more than one accountant.”

„Delightful, fresh and proactive experience,” satisfied with the well spent day is „Kurbads’” accountant Kristīne Ledauniece.