Kurbads tests new Audi Q7


“Moller Auto”, the official Audi dealer in Latvia offered its cooperation partner a chance to test the new Audi Q7. For great achievements at work “Kurbads” entrusted this task to Jurģis Ansfelds, logistics manager of Audi and VW in Baltic States.

Car for test drive was Audi Q7 3.0 TDI S-Line SUV.

“First, you get to know the car visually,” says Jurģis Ansfelds. “I somehow had the association with the gracious and monumental administrative buildings of Berlin.”

It seems that Audi designers can read the minds of their customers as in the interior the switches are perfectly placed as well as the lighting system.

“It's a high class interior. Audi has accustomed us to it. I was happily suprised about LED lights – they ensured a home like feel during the drive. I want to especially emphasize front LED headlights that provide unbelievably good vision at the nighttime. After a hard day at work my eyes are tired but Audi terrific headlights provided an easy and comfortable drive home during the dark hours of the day,” the logistics specialist is elated.

Matrix LED headlights not only provide day-like lighting by using modern technologies, they also adapt surroundings of the car – the sensors and  a special camera allows to comprehend light around the car and adjust the car’s light.

“Audi uses new technologies to ensure improvement of the safety. For example if there is a car in the “blind zone”, this fact is signalized by a lamp on the side mirrors. A special sensor regulates lane change. Every possible situation is thought of. If we follow the directions, traffic accidents are impossible.”

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI has a V6 diesel engine, offering 268 HP and 600 Nm torque.

Jurģis was pleasantly suprised: “I was sure that the car has a massive fuel consumption. But I have to admit that I was wrong. During the test drive on highway and in traffic jams the computer showed 10l/100 km consumption. It was a nice discovery, if we think about the dynamics of the car, I think it is an impressive achievement.”

Jurģis who is a fan of manual gearboxes praises the eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox: “In every driving regime the dynamics are wonderful. I would certainly be ready to drive an automatic gearbox like this.”

Jurģis Ansfelds’ short summary: “I think that it is the best model in its class. It isn't owerwhelminh in its design. You can easily get used to the specifics of the car. In my opinion the biggest privilege – the car is calm and quiet, and fun to drive. New Q7 is suitable for driving every day routes and also offroads.”