Kurbads watches new trends in the truck sector


Transporting company “Kurbads” never stops following the latest trends in truck sector regarding technology development. So with a big interest we visited the vehicle exhibition “Auto 2015”, where we could gather detailed information about the news in the sector.

Exhibition was of the widest spectrum and it had special place for trucks at the first hall, where sector’s leading manufacturers Volvo, Renault, MAN and DAF had exhibited their latest vehicles.

The aim for transport company “Kurbads” was to get informed about what direction the big truck companies are heading regarding development priorities.

Sales manager of “Volvo Trucks Latvia” Andis Kozlovskis told us: “Volvo is at least one step ahead of their competitors thanks to the new technologies, especially the dynamic suspension and “I-shift double clutch” gearbox, which helps to significantly improve fuel economy and does maintain the power in difficult driving conditions whether it is a steep rise or dirt road with a bad grip. The best driver can’t outsmart the computer anymore. But still driver’s skills and experience is a huge factor when it comes to loading of the cargo because new technologies can’t help a lot there.”

This unique and sophisticated technology is very important for vehicle transporting company because weekday’s voyages go through mountain valleys, for example the Alps where engine has extra load because of rapid rises and drops, and also extreme weather conditions. And that is where truck’s power matters.

Development of the technology in the latest Volvo models improves safety and fuel economy: “Adaptive cruise control allows to reduce fuel consumption, because truck’s computer chooses the best possible driving regime, based on experience of other trucks from the same route, to achieve maximum result,” Andis explains the system.

One of the truck sector’s heavyweights Renault is planning their return to the car carrier market. Already in January the company tends to present their new model, which will have special features and perks for vehicle transportation system installation.

As told to us by Nedas Jakniunas, Renault trucks sales manager “Renault “Magnum” used to be the market leader few years ago because it could offer the smallest distance from ground to the car carrier and truck, thus allowing to get more space for vehicle loading. New offer for the clients will be ready in October.”

Jakniunas said about Renault’s main advantage against competitors: “It is definitely price and its performance. We are able to offer the product of the highest quality for not so high prices. Additionally our priority is the fuel economy. Big impact on that is made by aerodynamics of our cabin.”

Representative of truck company MAN: “Our manufacturer emphasizes on offering especially beneficial warranty conditions, including full service in the first year. For the next two years we offer free service for main parts. Also by choosing MAN Efficient Line2 truck you get fuel consumption reduced by 6,5%.”

All respondents of the truck companies stressed new technologies that reduces fuel consumption and helps to improve safety on the roads. Priority is to introduce sophisticated systems that would help to minimize mistakes and inaccuracies made by human errors. We are heading in the direction of highly computerized trucks. Companies fight for the best fuel economy indicators and for the reduction of CO2.