Latvian bobsleigh sled road to success


The World bobsleigh Championships at Winterberg track in Germany was a historical event for Latvian team as Oskars Melbārdis and Daumants Dreiškens for the first time in the nation’s history earned silver medals in 2-men competition.

The News rarely tell us the story about bobsleigh sled transporting – how is equipment delivered to final destination. The whole process of logistics. Raimonds Dombrovskis was tasked to deliver Latvian national team’s equipment to the World Championships. Raimonds has won the US biathlon championship 7 times and was a candidate for USA’s olympic team. Now he works as a bobsleigh logistics manager. 

In the video Raimonds talks about his work responsibilities and predicts possible winners in World Championships in Winterberg. 

“My job is to get the two things together – the containers with the equipment and then transport to the final destination,” says Raimonds Dombrovskis. “I have worked with almost every member of the International Bobsleigh federation.”

To do his job successfully Raimonds decided to partner with transport company “Kurbads”, with whom he had fruitful cooperation in the past.

At the moment, when Latvian national team’s equipment was being transported to Winterberg, Raimonds predicted the possible outcome: “It is stupid to say, that this or that guy will win. There are two or three that can win gold. I think it will be tough for the Latvians. But medal for sure!”

Latvians earned medals! But the fight for the gold never happened. Johannes Locher’s team surprised as they only were in the 9th spot in the season standings. “It is a German track and some local guy will come right out of the blue,” Raimonds knows German bobsleigh very well.

His predicament is based on some inner information: “I know the guy, who builds the sled. They are serious. Germans always in the last moment come up with some kind of solution.”

Fourteen years ago, Raimonds Dombrovskis started a business  that operates in fast non-standard cargo logistics. The experienced specialist is well known as an adventurer, skiing festival organiser and as an author of the historical event – in 1988 he roller skied from Alaska to Mexico.

“Kurbads”, Latvia’s leading automotive transport company will celebrate its 20th anniversary this summer.