New battle horses for Kurbads!


Latest addition to Kurbads truck fleet the new „Volvo FM” with „Kassbohrer Variotrans Metago” car carrier yesterday went on its first trip. Jānis Kārkliņš was chosen as a driver for the newly acquired vehicle. Modern „Volvo FM” truck has many crucial improvements.

Volvo dynamic steering system has perfect high speed stability and total control at low speed, which makes maneuvering much easier. „I-Shift” automated gearbox system without clutch allows driver to concentrate more on the road and also be more relaxed. It’s gear shifting is so sophisticated and precise that it allows to save fuel by a lot. These are just few examples from latest “Volvo” equipment, what makes driving more comfortable.

„I got a phone call on a trip and i was asked if i want the new truck. When i found out that the new equipment is better and more convenient, i agreed instantly!” Jānis tells the story how he got the new car carrier. Asked what he thinks about the interior of the cabin, he giggles: „I have a new apartment now. Mattress is not worn out yet and i had a very good first night sleep,” driver has already slept once in his new travelling home. To his Kurbads colleagues Jānis wishes: „Let the wheels roll and don’t meet wrong people in the shiny jackets!”

New vehicles for Kurbads drivers, but to whole company it is getting together and consecrating the new truck. This time also “Volvo” had a good taste of champagne, meaning that it will be a long and reliable servant. Jānis in his new apartment is on his first trip to Paris.