Probably the greatest car in the world transported by Kurbads car carrier

Vehicle transporting company's “Kurbads” logistics center was visited by a rare and exclusive car – the 1965 Rolls-Royce “Silver Cloud III” that in its prime was called the best car in the world. Probably the exquisite car still holds the title.

At almost 5,5 m long and the weight of a lorry, the real pleasure piloting these old cruisers comes when you relax and take it easy at the wheel, watching the frantic world whizz by. From the motoring press of the day “the loudest noise you will hear travelling at 60mph is the ticking of the clock on the dash board”. “Silver Cloud III” is reputed as the car where Rolls-Royce got everything right.

The most hotheaded Rolls-Royce supporters in the sixties did not approve the new double head lamps as it was a big step away from the manufacturer's traditions. One magazine went so far as to refer to the quad lights as equivalent to installing a jukebox inside of Winchester Cathedral. You get to see nearly identical headlamps on the modern Bentley luxury class cars nowadays.

“Silver Cloud III” is marked as the last true Rolls-Royce model as it was still mounted on a separate chassis, a common practice in the car manufacturing until 1960s. The drum brakes are also exotic in modern times cars. 

6,2L V8 engine is capable to accelerate the heavy beauty to 100 km/h in 11 seconds. But precise gear shifting is ensured by a four speed automatic gearbox.

The car is getting more popular among the collectors that say the vehicle's biggest problem is rust and expensive maintenance but no other car in the world can match the driving pleasure provided by Rolls-Royce “Silver Cloud III”.

What does it cost to become a proud owner of “Silver Cloud III”? Starting from 40 000 EUR, depending from car's visual and technical condition.