''Rolfo'' visits the Baltics to present their vehicle carriers.


Rolfo, a producer of vehicle carriers based in Italy, paid a visit to transport and logistics company ''Kurbads'' where they presented their new and improved collection of vehicle carriers. 

The Italian company is touring the Baltics and demonstrating the advantages and modifications of their equipment. 

Alberto Picco, a representative of Rolfo: ''We are presenting our high quality equipment to transport companies of the Baltics. One of our biggest advantages are our galvanized and aluminium parts, which are not affected by corrosion. We have produced new carrier “EGO 427” and in my opinion it will arise interest in this region.''

He also comments on ''Kurbads'': ''I want to praise ''Kurbads'' for their great infrastructure and thought-out logistics management. The employees are responsible, calm and collected.''

Anatolijs Vasiļjevs analyzes ''Rolfo'' products from the drivers point of view: ''The Italians pleasantly surprised us with some technical solutions. The progress is obvious. The trailer is equipped with hydraulic cylinder latches which make the drivers job easier. Also, on top of the cabin, there is a sliding metal part, the so called metal comb, which helps insure the load is lower than 4 metres.'' 

''When speaking about security, I have to mention that the control panel on the trailer is covered and the loading process can be controlled from the cabin. It's great that the superstructure is galvanized and the receivers are made from aluminium, which means no corrosion. The Italians could work on their strap placement, when 9-10 cars are loaded. There is a special box, but not all of the straps fit in there. The trailers ''Rolfo'' offers work very well with minibuses and other long chassis.''

From a technicians point of view, Tomass Bēvalds, a technician in ''Kurbads'' service, comments: ''The technical knots on the trailer are easily accessible. Another advantage is the possibility of loading when the trailer is unattached. There is a special divider, each hydro cylinder is numbered, which would make the job easier for new drivers and mechanics. The tappet control is convenient in operation.''

“We pointed out to ''Rolfo'' that the trailers are not very well suited for snowy territories – there isn't enough places where the melting snow could safely drip off the trailer.''

''Rolfo'' was founded in 1885 and is considered to be one of Italy's most successful establishments. They continue to keep up with their philosophy, modernising their product and keeping up a good quality standard. The company offers leading solutions when it comes to design, reliability and safety.''