Snow is not a problem in “Kurbads” territory


Winter months in Latvia quite frequently surprise road maintainers and drivers with heavy snowing, but vehicle transport and logistics company’s “Kurbads” territory always is cleaned and ready to start working day.

Head of “Kurbads” maintenance department Edgars Krievāns can’t be surprised with snowy weather conditions.

Edgars is the man that clears the snow in the earliest morning hour, so the work of vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads” is not delayed: “In the winter time every evening I check the weather forecast – if heavy snowing is predicted, I get up at 4 in the morning and check it myself. If there is a lot of snowdrifting, I immediately go to territory of “Kurbads” . If there is little snow, I start at six, so the job of company can start as usual.”

“My working day starts like this – I start a tractor, take a snow showel and clean the pedestrian paths around the office, then the tractor has warmed up and I can start clearing the snow.”

Is it possible to clean area so big alone, before company starts its work? “I have two assistants and together with three tractors we can finish our work in time. This year only once we all three have worked together. Winter is not so harsh at the moment. If weather forecast predicts heavy snowing at night, I send message to my assistants: “We work early tomorrow”. Then we all know our work plan.”

“Based on experience and weather forecast I order truck, that transports the snow away”, Edgars Krievāns is always prepared to ensure that territory of “Kurbads” is clear of snow.

“Kurbads” area is snow cleared and ready to work 100% every morning.