The new Audi A4 has arrived in Latvia


The compact executive car Audi A4, massively popular in Europe and Latvia, has started its journey to buyers in Latvian market. Visual and technical improvements, especially the reduced weight, surely will be the key factors for the local customers. 

The weight of electrosystem, battery, differential, brake system, power steering system is slightly reduced. The hood alone weighs 15 kg less than in previous generation.

Audi offers its latest Audi A4 with three petrol engines and four diesel engines options, including V6 that has an impressive power output.

The most interesting addition for clients in Latvia is the “g-tron” version, which is equipped with petrol turbo engine that can be fueled also by compressed natural gas (CNG) or special synthetic natural gas made by Audi. The gas tanks are located at the rear of the car. Their 19 kg capacity is theoretically enough to drive 500 kilometres.

Price of new Audi 4 is starting from 31500 euro.